Chapter 24: Six Months

Yesterday marked six months since communication with my twin ceased. That was the day he texted me well wishes after telling me we couldn’t communicate anymore. I deleted all texts from him not long after out of fear my husband would hack into my phone and read everything. I wish I had saved those texts […]

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Chapter 23: Full Circle

I continue to be prepped by my Companion (vertical twin) for our complete merge. I had a lucid dream encounter with him a few days ago indicating my progress in this merge. April 10, 2017 I fell into a lucid dream. I was at my mother’s house in the living area and knew my Companion […]

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Chapter 21: Insight

When I woke up this morning, I felt very calm and happy. It seemed like the entire twin situation was resolved. I felt relief, like “It’s finally over”. Prior to waking I heard the message, “You’re excluded.” I saw a vision then of the word “You” but it was spelled differently. Like Yui instead of […]

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Chapter 19: Kundalini Returns

March has been a month of emergence for me. Emergence from the deep, dark depths of despair. I have emerged slowly but am gaining momentum. Carefully peeling away at the remaining layers of the onion that is my False Self, working diligently to get to my core and True Self. This is the Wholeness I […]

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Chapter 18: Stabilization

For more than a week in February I remained in a perpetual high on life. I was so happy, so relieved of the darkness I felt I would never escape, that I began to enjoy the simple things in life more. Food was a top priority. I began to eat for the pleasure of it […]

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